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Spring Tinkergarten

This Spring, we focus on creativity -- the ability to imagine original ideas or solutions to problems and make them happen.

We'll help kids develop creative mindsets and strategies that they can use throughout their lives to invent new things, solve problems, express their ideas and feelings, and to nurture relationships. And, we'll do it all through enriching, outdoor play!

In our MOLE classes, we follow the Tinkergarten curriculum and way of learning. We play, explore, create and work together to learn -- and have fun!


Learn more about developing Creativity in this article by Tinkergarten Founder Meghan Fitzgerald.

Nurture Your Child's Natural Creativity

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Class Options

Our Creativity series classes are in session April 10th - May 22th. Each class includes one hour of in-person, expert led playful learning as well as digital resources to extend learning at home.


Option #1 - Full Season

Register for the full season (Wednesdays for 6 weeks meeting one hour each week) of classes at a discounted cost. Join at any point during the season and classes will be prorated.

Option #2 -Drop In 

Check out our class calendar and register for as many dates that fit for your family's schedule.​ 

*If class is cancelled at any time due to weather, our make up day will be Wednesday May 29th

Our Learning Map

PreSeason Trial Class - Nature Nectar

In our introductory lesson, we'll stimulate our senses and imaginations as we mix, mash, and stir natural ingredients together to create our own "nature nectar."

There is no wrong way to make nature nectar when kids take the lead. At Tinkergarten, explorers play in their own way, and we play and learn from one another in a safe, supportive, and inspiring social group. Just the right environment for creativity blossom!

Class Date:

March 20th at 10:00 am

Blend It.png

Lesson 1 - Blend It!

We'll give kids the chance to combine dirt and water to make our favorite messy play ingredient --MUD! And, we'll see what happens when we blend all kinds of things in.

Messy play gives kids the chance to act freely and explore a wider range of possibilities. combining two materials to make something new (dirt + water to make mud) also gives kids practice in the  creative act of blending (one of the 3 Bs of creativity).

Class Dates:

April 10th at 10:00 am

Lesson 2 - Breaking and Making

We'll embrace destructive play today! We'll pick and pluck various natural objects apart. Then, we gather up the loose parts and bring them together to create something new.

A scientist/artist expert team identified a "3 Bs" framework for three thinking processes humans use when we are creative -- breaking, bending, and blending. What kids do physically forms a foundation for thinking processes they will use later on, so physically breaking objects now prepares kids to break concepts later. Plus, destruction is part of the creative process.

Class Date:

April 17th at 10:00 am

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Bear Hike.png

Lesson 3 - Bear Hike

We'll lean into pretending, activate our bodies, and use our imaginations as we go on a bear hike. with the help of "obstacle cards" and a few props, we'll think creatively and adjust to challenges as we hike to find a bear.

Pretend play offers kids the perfect way to develop cognitive flexibility -- a key ingredient for creativity and problem solving. In imaginary scenarios, kids can explore unlimited solutions and practice responding to challenges in new, innovative ways.

Class Dates:

April 24th at 10:00 a

Lesson 4 - Water Works

This week, we have a problem to solve: How can we move water from here to there? We'll think flexibly, explore all possibilities and test strategies as we solve the problem together.

Creativity is the ability to both imagine original ideas or solutions to problems and actually do what needs to be done to make them happen. This lesson offers kids the chance to experiment and test out many solutions to a problem.

Class Dates:

May 1st at 10:00 am

Water Works.png
Catching Colors.png

Lesson 5 - Catching Colors

We'll discover an invitation to create a masterpiece, but we don't know what to make! We'll lean into the creative process of art making and share joy in freely exploring color together.

When we are able to think and act freely, we become open to discover new possibilities and invent new things. This lesson also gives us an opportunity to support and celebrate the process of art-making more than just the final product.

Class Date:

May 15th at 10:00 am

Lesson 6 - Earth Parade

We'll use homemade drums to explore the different patterns and rhythms we can create, just like many creatures do to communicate. Then, we'll use our drums and colorful streamers to parade and express our gratitude for the earth and all we've shared together this season.

Today, kids explore how sound and movement can express a variety of ideas and feelings. Not only is  sound and music-making an inherently creative activity, but imagining the ways in which household and natural objects can be transformed into musical instruments is also an exercise in divergent thinking.

Class Dates:

May 22nd at 10:00

Earth Parade.png
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