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Why Wellness and Why now?

In our MOLE classes, we follow the Tinkergarten curriculum and way of learning. We play, explore, create and work together to learn–and have FUN! The Tinkergarten model has eight core skills that experts have determined allow children to become curious, capable learners who can contribute to their world. Each season, we look to one of these developmental skills to guide our design of that series. Every lesson then attunes guides to that skill and how aspects of the lesson will help explorers be exposed to opportunities to develop that skill.

This fall, we’ll be focusing on Wellness – that combination of physical, mental and emotional health kids need to thrive. Our curriculum will help kids develop language, strategies and habits that help build strong bodies, minds and hearts. As always, creatures will be our teachers, and the magical, shifting autumn landscape will be our inspiration.

Why are we focusing on wellness again so soon?

While the Tinkergarten curriculum normally moves around a two year cycle, we have switched it up a bit to refocus on wellness again this fall. The moral imperative to really make a difference in kids’ wellness is relevant and compelling. This season will be different for explorers who participated in last fall’s wellness season in two important ways.

First, we’ve made adjustments to the curriculum. We have adjusted the entire focus of a few lessons and we have updated the experience of nearly all of them. There will be new twists, focus and materials to help make this season truly unique! We even have an updated, fresh badge for explorers!

Second, Kids naturally adjust considerably in a whole year, especially Tinkergarten ages! We remember that kids are at very different developmental stages one year later and will approach any activity in a different way with different potential growth outcomes. Kids love (and need) the chance to spiral and revisit experiences, especially ones they loved!

How will we develop wellness in our classes?

Our lessons follow a steady progression and are divided into three units. In our Feeling Centered unit, we’ll focus on the benefits of healthy time outdoors, connecting to the heart, moving our bodies, and learning a new mindful breathing technique each week. In our Taking Leaps unit, we’ll explore risk taking, embracing change and learning to cope with both successes and challenges. Our Strong Connections unit rounds out the season, reminding us that our hearts are supported when we feel gratitude and strong connection to family, friends, community and our planet.

How can we get started supporting wellness at home?

In our own home, a few ways we support daily wellness are through breathing exercises, yoga practice, and outdoor time. Inviting wellness practices into your daily routine can be super simple. Try these activities to support wellness at home with your explorers!

🔹Mindful breathing - In this season’s Tinkergarten classes, we’ll end class each day with a different way of mindful breathing. My favorite has always been the Lion’s Breath because it helps us feel strong, calm and just a little bit silly! To breathe like a lion, take a really big belly breath in. Then, breathe out a really big breath and stick out your tongue. It's even sillier if you stand on all fours and stretch like a big cat!

🔹Intentional outdoor time - We love the 1000 hours outside project because it has encouraged us to get outdoors every day as we work towards 1000 hours outside for the year. This has made us think of new ways to get outside whether they be simply spending time in our own yard, going on a walk at the park, or something more involved like taking a picnic or going to a state park.

🔹Practice Gratitude - We begin and end every day by telling each other something we are thankful for. It can be something that brought us joy that day, a person or thing we love, or really anything that fills us up with feelings of gratitude.

Want to learn more about supporting Wellness with your children? Join us for our fall series!


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