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The Very Lonely Firefly

📖 The Very Lonely Firefly

A firefly goes out into the night searching for other fireflies. On its journey, the firefly meets many different types of creatures and see different types of lights.

Key Skills and Learning Points ⤵️

🔹Predictable Text


🔹Imaginative Play

🔹Animal Allies

Simple Play Invitations

🔹Provide dark paper and chalk for drawing and writing

🔹Have a glow in the dark hunt! Wrap small toys in glow in the dark tape then turn off the lights and go on a hunt. This also helps develop focus and the vestibular system.

🔹Make collage art → Eric Carle books are always a wonderful inspiration for experimenting with collage art. Provide different materials such as construction paper, tissue paper, glue, tape, magazines, etc. Allowing explorers to tear the pieces they will use also gives a wonderful chance for little hands to strengthen.

🗨️ The firefly population is declining. Experts estimate that nearly 1 in 3 firefy species in the U.S. and Canada may be threatened with extinction. So let’s take time to get to know these amazing creatures, learn about them and wonder about them, but keep the catching to only our eyes!


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