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Communication Chain

Often, the best gift we can give our kiddos during playtime is to listen to them. Give space for them to think, process and speak throughout play.

We guide adults in listening during our Tinkergarten classes through reminders that as adults, we're the guide, not director. Our children are the actors and we are more behind the scenes stage managers. We provide the environment and the play invitations, then step back. It's our children's play process and learning. We observe, listen and stay available as a stage manager does to offer support.

Having a conversation requires a symphony of skills. For young children who are still learning to communicate, that can be a big undertaking, especially when they are deeply engaged in play.

Before chatting with your kids during play, try taking a pause to look for a sign that they are ready. For example, they might talk to you first, look up and make eye contact, or hand you something to engage you.

Want to learn more about the communication chain and what it looks like as it develops in your kiddos brain? Check out Tinkergarten's communication chain video.

This week in our Tinkergarten with MOLE classes we are all about water! Water play is incredibly engaging for children as well as exciting! Our Water Park play in class this week offers many opportunities for children to get excited to share their learning with you.

Want to join in our water play this week? Register for classes here!

Keep an eye out this week for another post that will include simple yet wildly fun water play invitations!


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