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Commotion in the Ocean and DIY Water Play

📖 Commotion in the Ocean by Giles Andreae and David Wojtowycz


This collection of delightful rhymes are a wonderful way to introduce ocean creatures and to open the door to water play!

Here are a few simple but wildly engaging DIY Water Play Invitations:

🔹Under the Sea - fill a bin water (for older kiddos, add salt and discuss how it is like the ocean vs the water we drink) and add various ocean animals along with shells, scoops, and funnels.

🔹Car Wash - go outside and play with toy vehicles in the dirt, then grab a bin of soapy water, a bin of just water, and some brushes or rags for cleaning. You can change the theme based on your child's interests such as vegetables and fruits cleaning, dinosaur wash, or pet wash.

🔹Water Park - Set up your own at home water park using items from around the house such as a bit of water, funnels, a food strainer, plastic water bottles with the bottoms cut out, etc.

🔹Frozen Treasures - practice STEM skills by learning about water's different forms through play! Freeze water with nature treasures or toys inside then give tools such as rocks and mallets or just the ground outside and invite your explorer to free the treasures or toys from the ice.


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