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Winter Tinkergarten

This Winter, we focus on persistence -- the ability to stick with something, meet challenges and push ahead in order to either reach our goals, or learn and grow.

Persistence is being able to stick with it and push through challenges to reach a goal, learn and grow. Babies are naturally persistent, and we can help kids remain so as they grow if we let them lead and take on challenges, getting chances to learn from both success and failure

Learn more about why we focus on persistence and how we work to develop this skill in this article by Tinkergarten Founder Meghan Fitzgerald.

The Power of Persistence


Class Options

Our Persistence series classes are in session every week from January 10th to March 16th. Each class is one hour long and classes happening in the same week will usually have the same lesson. 


Option #1 - Full Season

Register for the full season (10 weeks meeting one hour a week) of classes at a discounted cost. Join at any point during the season and classes will be prorated.

Option #2 -Drop In 

Check out our class calendar and register for as many dates that fit for your family's schedule.​ 

Our Learning Map

Each lesson is designed to support a different aspect of persistence, inspired by the unique survival powers of a different "animal superhero."

As kids learn ways to be active outdoors and bring the outdoors in, they'll discover the magic of winter and how to play and learn outdoors all four seasons!

Our lessons are organized into three units:

Unit #1 - Survivors and Thrivers: Play like amazing animals who survive the winter.

Unit #2 - Hard Workers: Play like creatures who thrive through effort and repetition.

Unit #3 - Clever Creators: Play like creatures who build and create.

Each lesson on our map has a space for marking when we play outside. You can download your very own map and follow along with us!

Winter 2024 Season Map (Image).png
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