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Read Aloud: Dirt: The Scoop On Soil

📖 Dirt: The Scoop On Soil by Natalie M. Rosinsky, Illustrated by Sheree Boyd


Another awesome nonfiction for our wee ones this week! Dirt: The Scoop On Soil discusses the nature, uses, and importance of soil and the many forms of life that it supports. It even includes a few simple experiments to try at home!

Some invitations to try ⤵️

🔹Go outside barefoot and wiggle your toes in the dirt! Then try it out in mud and chat about how it feels different.

🔹Put a circle of string on a spot of dirt or grass in our your green space. Wonder together if there is anything alive in the dirt within your circle. Using a magnifying glass, focus in close to your circle and see what you can find!

🔹Check out the experiments in the back of the book and try them out!


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