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Designed with Learning in Mind

(Quote by Lilian Katz)

Over the last few weeks, we’ve looked at how the rhythms we keep in a Tinkergarten class support communication development. This week, we’ll wrap up by checking out two more ways we support communication in each class.

Our Use of Rich Vocabulary

Throughout each class, we use rich, descriptive language. When terms are new, such as predator, prey, or camouflage, we provide supportive context and chat about examples. By exposing explorers to a range of language, we remember that their receptive language capacity exceeds their expressive language capacity. This helps kids develop vocabulary and plant seeds for kids’ future expression.

(Receptive Language = Listening to and understanding the information provided to us. Expressive Language = ability to communicate our thoughts and feelings through words, gestures, signs or symbols.)

Deep Listening

Every time we interact, we get down on kids’ levels and listen with ears, eyes and hearts. When we listen deeply to kids thoughts and feelings, we connect and make kids feel valued and ready to learn.

Join Us for Class!

We’re entering the last unit of our Camp Tinkergarten series all about communication and I cannot wait to ‘Camp Out’ with our friends! Over the next two weeks, we’ll invite explorers and guides to work together to whip up nature treats for us to “enjoy” at our campsite and to create cozy shelters for their stuffy friends as well as themselves.

Food gets all of us engaged and talking and feast play is incredibly sensory and rewarding for explorers. As explorers make pretend dishes, grown-ups will try using open-ended or “juicy questions” to engage them in conversation. Then, we’ll celebrate the end of our summer season by creating a campsite and cozy shelters. Celebrations are powerful ways we communicate what we value and what brings our community together!

Our summer season is almost over, but the rhythms we keep and the community we create allows for families to join us at any time during any season! So, come on out for the rest of summer, or start up with us when fall classes begin in October. I hope to see you outside soon!




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