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Smiling children running down a grassy hill

Outdoor Play-Based Learning

Join us for wildly fun learning in the best classroom of all -- Nature!

Child with muddy hands making a mud face on a tree.

Outdoor play classes following the Tinkergarten curriculum for young kids and their grownups. Families will be guided through songs, movement, exploration and purposeful play. 

Curious what it looks like to learn outside? Join us for a free class and see how fun learning can be! Subscribe to our newsletter for a free class code, then use it on any of our Drop-In classes.

Rabbit toys made from socks and rice sitting in a bin of rice and other nature objects and scooping tools.
Two children wearing paper wings plaing next to a small creek.

We help kids become healthy, curious, capable learners by exploring the outside world. Nature is our classroom and in each class we offer an irresistible invitation to play that is open-ended and child-led.

It is our goal to provide outdoor learning experiences for as many families as possible! If a sliding scale or other discounts would allow your family to join us for Tinkergarten please check out our fee structure page below.

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Tinkergarten classes have helped my child become more curious about the world around him as well as braver in seeking adventure and interacting with others.

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